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By david wootton (anonymous) | Posted October 02, 2006 at 23:57:04

All the more reason to plan our cities so that they SPRAWL. Streets should be much narrower and every home should have lots of space around it so that boys at least, can play as I did 60 years ago - in the creek, damming it up and making fires, on the farmer's field building underground forts and pulling up his carrots to make mud roads for my dinky toys, and in the woods across the road slashing out trails using my machete and trapping rabbits. Often, there should be junk yards where kids can build something with used materials. I built a four bedroom cabin in the middle of a swamp using "borrowed" material from a construction firm's storage yard. Hamilton should sprawl south all the way to Lake Erie. The soil is very poor and a house on it would only be an environmental asset since the owners would be spending time and money to landscape it, planting lots of trees that don't exist there now. On my own half-acre, I have planted 100 trees and my lot is ALL garden.
In conclusion, Canadian cities with their sterile parks are no place for kids to play. A further disaster looms if the Ontario Government has its way in propagandizing people not to desire the family home but to live and raise their families in condos and row houses in order to save precious space in this, the second largest country in the world ! As a boy, I would want to have committed suicide in any of these places !!!

David Wootton - childhood was the best and most creative time of my life - I benefit from it to this very day.

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