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By mdrejhon (registered) - website | Posted September 07, 2017 at 13:33:05

The kids/parent also has a urban-living website called "5 kids 1 condo":

There's also a very interesting CTV news article here:

His $15K crowdfund legal challenge ("Let Responsible Kids Take Transit") exceeded goal in just one day, at $25K now.

Even as a deafie I walked to school in the 1980s at age 8 and took the the bus alone at age 10. With no smartphone nor GPS tracker in those days. And apparently, me with a little bit less training than this dad very studiously gave his kids.

I learned something new today: Fewer crimes occur on a bus than during walking on a sidewalk -- apparently letting your kids take the public transit bus is more responsible than letting your kids walk a few blocks to school? That's what the statistics are saying.

Many things feel even safer today with lower crime rates in his area, and more easily trackable (phones, GPS, etc). But proliferation of easy rapid fire news understandably feels make bigger volumes of scarier news that make many of us think despite the actual statistics.

Even New York City legally lets 8 year olds ride public transit alone, unaccompanied (And Mayor Bloomberg gave out free Metrocards to these kids during the schoolbus strike!). And Japan allows it at 6 years old -- Grade 1 commutes solo in Japan thanks to their low crime rates -- even on hourlong journies. But, New. York. City.

Some kids are more responsible than others, and there appears to be many 7 year olds much more well-behaved than less-responsible 12 year olds. The threshold of arbitrary age numbers for solo travel (pedestrian or public transit) is a very tough debate that go polarized. We could power the world's electricity demand from the steam power, heat & spin in all the news comments sections alone that I am seeing about this subject. Debate can easily go on forever, but I hope new legal precedent can be set to help clarify things.

I miss the good old days when walking to school was a simpler uncontentious decision -- that was common even in the 1980s where I lived.

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