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By Voter (anonymous) | Posted October 01, 2007 at 13:45:21

We were 'blessed ?' with the current Liberal Government :-( with a majority, when the Conservative Harris/Eves Government completely alienated most of Ontario voters.

When John Tory announced plans to fully fund all religious schools, I thought that he might be trying to avoid becoming Ont. P.M. (Perhaps he planned to wait until the next election, when the public would become as irate with McGuinty as they had with Harris/Eves, to go for a Conservative majority Gov.?)

What is the matter with these leaders? Do they have no inkling of what the voters want? Do they decide their platforms in a cupboard?

So John Tory has now decided to back off this issue, & have a free vote, ..If he's elected P.M., presumably with a small majority. Fat Chance! He's already scared the wits out of those who want a secular society with no religious overtones to political parties.

The first thing he could have done was hand out a face cord of olive branches to millions of Ont. voters who will likely never vote Conservative again & hope that they take them.

The second thing he might have done is realize that Canada/Ontario is not responsive to U.S. style Old Time Religion holding hands with those in power.

And once again the voters find themselves voting Against, rather than For something, & no matter which of the 2 mainstream parties you vote for, you will Lose something that is very very important! ( sigh.. & they wonder about voter apathy?)

Once again I will vote NDP with my conscience, knowing that my vote is probably wasted in my riding, & once again I will be governed by people who don't have a CLUE!

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