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By Brandon (registered) | Posted March 15, 2018 at 08:05:45 in reply to Comment 122566

For the record, I don't support what the rioters did, I'm more interested in the points raised by the following blog posts.

An interesting take. If I don't know I'm causing you harm it doesn't matter? If my friends and I regularly punch each other as a greeting is it a problem if I punch you as a greeting exactly the same way I punch them?

If you are made aware of the consequences of your actions but you continue with them are the consequences still unintentional?

I understand that a line needs to be drawn, such as not playing really loud music after 11 pm, but what if I'm a shift worker sleeping in the afternoon. If I've told you that I need to sleep during those hours, are you not harming me if you ignore me despite the fact that you're completely within your rights?

It's a complicated question and I have no good answers, but maybe discussion will bring some to light.

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