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By H Mag (anonymous) | Posted October 01, 2007 at 18:20:48

I like the idea mentioned here or elsewhere about the possibility of all buses being on the other side of where the Gore Park fence is now. Take that down - make all buses dock there - put up a dividing bump for those waiting to get on and voila - you have some lovely public space all around it.

Highly brand the new area - "The Gore" and take out any reference to it being a park - which it really isn't - more of a strip. As Jason mentioned earlier it becomes a real Piazza....more of a rectagular shape than a square - but it will be a real beautiful place to spend an afternoon sipping a coffee. This should also make it easier to convert some of those upper stories into living spaces. As it stands right now - it isn't the best place to live with all that traffic and idling spewing right into your windows.

Now if we only change up some of that less than appealing "preaching" on Sundays....ahh Downtown Hamilton - it truly is a great place to gather! Let's give the rest of the city a reason to come down.

Pedestrianize King St. NOW!

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