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By here (anonymous) | Posted October 01, 2007 at 18:40:21

Based on principle, Tory has an argument about equal treatment, however, there's an easier way to promote equality - defund the Catholic system. One public system is all we need. Dalton is hypocritical to suggest Tory is advocating division when his family is involved in the Catholic system not the public. As for the local Christian schools many were founded by Dutch immigrants who came to Canada to farm, hence the schools are in rural areas. Some of the opposition to funding has veered into territory better occupied by the ignorant -- those who stir up fear of religious schools frequently deal in hyperbole. Neither end of times nor "islmo-fascism" will be taught in publicly funded schools -- Tory's proposal demands qualified teachers and Ontario curriculum in exchange for money.

That said I still vote NDP even though they will keep things as they are since this is not the only issue.

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