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By CharlesBall (registered) | Posted April 12, 2018 at 09:21:00

We could go a long way preventing accidents by eliminating the rash of non-standardized and non-highway traffic approved signage that has cropped up in Hamilton over the past years. The overabundance of signage and road markings are rendering signage useless. In addition, drivers are not trained to understand some of the current road markings and signage. (While not relevant to the Aberdeen area, the sign at King and Bay necessitated by the bike lane is a doozy!)

Putting a 20 second delay on the pedestrian controlled stop light at Aberdeen and Kent would help as well.

As an aside, the statistics available show that there has been a regular and pretty consistent decrease in accidents in Hamilton over the past 50 years. It will be interesting to see what changes if any have occurred since the last available data. My guess is that they have gone up - particularly at Aberdeen and Queen. Having driven that roadway for over 45 years, my anecdotal experience is that there has been a significant increase particularly between Aberdeen and Kent. I have personally witnessed over 5 collisions in the last three years. I never saw any accidents there in in the prior 42 (though I am sure they occurred.)

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