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By KevinLove (registered) | Posted May 30, 2018 at 19:00:42

Wow! By her own admission, Donna Skelly was handed a hat by someone she had never met before. The hat promoted a group she had never heard of. And yet she had no problem waving the hat and publicly endorsing the group??!!

That is just so irresponsible!

And why is Alex Van Hamme bragging about being the grandson of a WWII combat veteran? So what! Am I supposed to applaud you for doing a good job of choosing your grandparents? What have you, yourself, done to serve your country and community?

The famous poem in praise of our ancestors, contained in Ecclesiasticus 44 begins with:

Let us now sing the praises of famous men, our ancestors in their generations.

But it does not say that their descendants are therefore praiseworthy. In verse 12, we read:

Their descendants stand by the covenants

But that covenant faithfulness is their own doing.

It so happens that my grandfather, and his brothers, also served during WWII. But I do not believe that I should be praised for something that my grandfather did. What I regard as being a tad more important for my own life is when I myself enlisted in the Canadian Forces. That was my own doing.

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