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By Big_D (registered) | Posted July 03, 2018 at 17:30:52

Please leave the church alone, it is a beautiful 100 year old structure that should be maintained, if not as a church, at least retrofitted for some other purpose. The last thing the area needs is a gaping open lot in that area or an empty abandoned church like down the road at Main and Balsam.

I am thoroughly disappointed with Clr. Green if the comment he is accused of saying were true. How can you fight so hard for the Gore and King George school then turn a blind eye to this church? The church is equally as important and beautiful to the fabric of the community as is King George school is to Stipley and the Gore park wall is to downtown. This is eerily similar to former Clr. Horwath and her rushing to okay the demolition of the old Royal Bank headquarters on James Street; then turn around a say that the Gore buildings need to be saved to maintain the fabric of Gore Park? It's the same dam area!

Clr. Green, it may be time to move along. Your stand on issues can be extremely confusing, that is, you champion the Gore and King George buildings for their historical nature then say it's okay to tear down St. Giles church; you say that you are pro-LRT then make a short sighted decision on HSR which will be the main reason why Hamilton may never get an LRT. You are your own worst enemy.

You are very presentable, a smooth talker, a great debater, and have some really good ideas; but your ability to implement a vision and stay consistent is very lacking and Ward 3 deserves much better.

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