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By KevinLove (registered) | Posted July 05, 2018 at 18:22:26 in reply to Comment 123230

Yes, you are so right! Jesus is such an anarchist. Look at the disrespect that he showed to all forms of power, money and authority. What an anarchist! He kept insisting that people were more important than these things. Particularly people who were poor or sick or members of hated ethnic minorities.

When it comes to heritage structures, in Jesus' time and place the most important one was the famous Temple of Solomon in Jerusalem. Now King Herod, he had respect for this heritage structure. He fixed it up and kept it in tip-top shape. But that anarchist Jesus condemned it to destruction. "Not one stone will be left upon another."

We should all follow the good example set by King Herod in having proper respect for power, money and the heritage structures that power and money can buy. Herod is the guy whose life and example New Vision really should be following, not that anarchist Jesus.

How dare New Vision follow the bad example of Jesus instead of the good example of King Herod! And I have seen disgusting signs that the beliefs of New Vision are catching on! Can you imagine a world where people are more important than money, power and property? Anarchy!

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