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By Woods77 (registered) | Posted July 06, 2018 at 23:34:27 in reply to Comment 123194

The problem with Kevin's odd passive aggressive stance is that he misunderstands a lot. For one, he sets up a false dichotomy where it's either the people or the building. He is actually relying on a Kantian sacred/secular or Platonic dualism in his Christian worldview. Why hasn't New Vision exhausted all options to keep the building? Why haven't they accessed City funds? Why haven't they attempted to get creative in working with water developers? And, perhaps most importantly, why haven't they been open to those churches that have shown an interest in the building? The answer to that question is, in my view, largely because they are unwilling to sell for less than market value to a church when they believe that they could get more for the land. They have actively rejected some church interest, which would have continued the legacy of this site.

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