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By Woods77 (registered) | Posted July 07, 2018 at 00:08:30

Designation under the Heritage Act is not the boogeyman that Sloan is trying to create. It simply means that to alter or remove a heritage feature (such as stain glass windows for example...which it seems have been hastily put up for auction by New Vision) the church would need to apply for a heritage permit. There is no cost despite Sloan calling it a "costly process".

Designation does not freeze a building in time but simply acts a necessary guiderail so that the City and professionals have oversight as the building changes. Designation would not necessarily prevent any adaptive reuse of the building. In fact, that would be encouraged. There are many strawmen put forward.

In the end, the United Church (chiefly amongst Christian denominations in Canada) will be dealing with this problem in the future on a recurrent basis. The UCC and the Anglican Church of Canada have almost exclusively dwindling, aging populations with very little money. There are some Xian communities that are growing, namely evangelical and some charismatic churches. The UCC needs to look at a deeper level as to why their churches are dying while others are growing and ask if they are truly offering any salt to the culture at all.

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