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By LanceDarrenCole (registered) | Posted July 28, 2018 at 23:23:53

As many individuals know, architecture is one of the seven lively arts ( painting, music, dance, drama, literature, sculpture & architecture.) At the end of World War Two, Hamilton remained unscathed as European cities rebuilt. Why is it that we have been 'bombed from within' ever since? My Great Aunt and Uncle were major contributors to the building of St Giles Church. I live half a block away and heard nothing of your community involvement when looking for solutions. Not until the auction banner was slapped across the front. Demolision permit in your hands. The decision to demolish every part of the structure is short-sighted as your congregation found no acceptable solutions for adaptive re-use. Did you actually believe, if your congregation of limited resources can't fix it, no-one can. The lobby alone is better than anything we are likely to see on the suggested apartment building. We have no choice but to forgive you for this impending path of destruction - no vision. People are upset because you dismiss the value of good architecture in our community. If your humble congregation was unable to see the options perhaps asking the actual community may have appeased these feeling and brought a more agreeable conclusion. These are not merely bricks & mortar as Councilor Green suggested.. It's more than that. Your stated commitment to heritage & social cohesion is a failure. May your future endeavours lead to a more pleasing outcome.

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