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By Vetern (anonymous) | Posted October 03, 2007 at 05:38:26

Being a former Hamiltonian, I left there almost twenty-five yars ago and retired to beautiful British Columbia I can certainly relate to Ben's story and part of JH's comment. Here in West Vancouver where a condo suite can cost $1m and where an average house price is $1.5 (and many in double digits)there is no industry and the tax base is mostly residentual there is little hope that a young person born here will likely be able to afford property ownership and so they move to North Vancouver and even into the City of Vancouver.We have mountains and ocean and a beautiful village atmosphere and a Concil who are bent on "beautifying and turning the village into a village" for the rush of tourists in 2010 when our Cypress Mountain will hold the downhill races in the Winter Olymics. I can honstly say that we have no rundown areas,a blessing, but our pro-development council act as if we did. This is one of the most idyllic places on earth and our politicians just don't get it. Thia is a developers world whether they be in Toronto,Hamilton or here.

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