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By jstryng2bfrndly (registered) | Posted September 26, 2018 at 18:53:22

Perhaps its my age and the knowledge of our country and city's historic past, I do not understand why a cyclist would think its alright to ride on a sidewalk. All mechanical forms of transportation traveled on the roadway in the past. In the introduction periods we had all sorts of traffic from horse, auto to bike, none road the sidewalk as a rule, perhaps a child learning to ride on a side street. So many divisive groups in our society without cause or practical reason. To demand that streets should accommodate cyclist, without that cyclist paying road tax on purchase, on fuel, insurance, or being a developer, business owner that actually foot the bill is pretty selfish. To be inconsiderate of the disabled using sidewalks, pedestrians that sidewalks are built for and are disturbed by cyclist. Now blame the City for not planning for a group that contributes how much? Why not be happy and supportive of the bike lanes given, and where there are none, or it is not safe to ride, be like a person taking transit, and walk. the few blocks to your destination. If it is too far City buses accommodate bikes, pay the fair, contribute to our transit system.

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