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By BTH (registered) | Posted September 30, 2018 at 10:25:34

Back in the early 2000s after the .com crash and after the 2008 financial crisis it was fashionable for politicians to push for "tax cuts for job creators", as if the high unemployment rates and lack of prosperity could be cured by the government passing one more tax cut. This was galling to me that politicians were arguing this after the previous tax cuts had already clearly not worked and the phrase they kept trotting out at the time, "job creators", nailed exactly what the recipients of these tax cuts weren't doing with them. They're still selling the same nonsense that clearly hasn't worked over the last 30 years now and enough people suckered for it yet again.

It's been slow to sink in, but for a lot of ordinary, average people, when they finally start feeling the effects of Ford's policies, they'll eventually realize that he says he's "for the people", he's not for you.

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