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By jason (registered) | Posted October 03, 2006 at 22:15:14

I love the description of your childhood. However, I fail to see how sprawl would enable other kids to enjoy a similar this again:

in the creek, damming it up and making fires, on the farmer's field building underground forts and pulling up his carrots to make mud roads for my dinky toys, and in the woods across the road slashing out trails using my machete and trapping rabbits. Often, there should be junk yards where kids can build something with used materials. I built a four bedroom cabin in the middle of a swamp using "borrowed" material from a construction firm's storage yard.

kids growing up in the middle of Hamilton Mountain or other sprawl areas have no opportunity to partake in any of these activities. I live downtown near Victoria Park and Dundurn kids and I could do everything you describe within a 5 minute walk of our home. We can also canoe, fish, ski, and do many other things within a short jaunt of our home. Imagine if all of Hamilton's waterfront land, local industrial areas and quirky little valleys, ravines and cliffs were paved over with sprawl?

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