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I agree, Dundas is not really 'Hamilton'. We wanted to stay in the Hammer after we moved from the east end, but there were no neighbourhoods that worked for us. We wanted a cool main street - where we could walk to things. I needed somewhere close to TO transit (GO/VIA). We wanted to be close to some 'action' (lots of things to do and see). And we wanted a nice safe street, where the kids could play. All the Real Estate Agents showed us around Aberdeen Ave and Locke Street but I do not particularly like these areas to live. The houses are overpriced and the landscape is quite dull. Locke Street is cool though. Ditto for Westdale. Very overpriced for what it is. Dundas has turned out to be way too quiet for us, although I love the hiking, the main street and the Olde Dundas neighbourhood. I guess some people are never happy (me). In the end it's all about living where you feel you belong, and not commuting 3 hours a day to your work. Cheers Ben

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