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By (anonymous) | Posted October 04, 2006 at 23:00:12

I think the exercise program recently passed into law requiring elementary school children to cardiovascular exercise 20 minutes per day is absolutley fantastic, in it's place. I think it's absolutely ridiculous to mandate a teacher to provide 20 minutes of exercise IN THE CLASSROOM, with both students and teachers wearing street clothes, street shoes and working in a very unsafe environment for exercise. The classroom is designed for quiet controled intellectual learning. The gymnasium is designed for physical activity.

Many school require uniforms, and now the students are required to work up a sweat on a daily basis and WEAR THOSE CLOTHES for the rest of the day? Many students come from not-so-wealthy backgrounds and can't afford more than one uniform. The teachers are required to attend work dressed professionally. Shirt and tie, or silk blouses aren't congruent to cardiovasular workouts!! Not to menation this is an accident screaming to happen! Not to mention the stink it's going to raise. Literally. Elementary school children aren't the most hygenic creatures on the planet. You take a bunch of grade 7 students passing through puberty and work them up into a good sweat in a classroom?? Who passed this law? Definitely not someone that has to sit in said classromm for the rest of the day. I pray that no one gets hurt while doing their 20 minute cardio workout amongst chairs and desks. I guess next it will be mandated that all civil servants must JOG to work, no slowing down... Oh, and the Lawmakers, they'll be required to SPRINT their fat asses the entire way! Lead by example folks. And McGuinty.... it's a long crawl my friend.

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