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By Genghis (anonymous) | Posted October 06, 2007 at 17:09:40

I was always for a Faith based schooling system in the past, but after rethink this has "Bad Idea" written all over it.I can see where Tory was coming from. One Group of RC gets it while all the rest dont.Trying to level out Provincial educational politics.McGuinty is hilarious as the chumpion of Public education though.The Hutzpah!If only someone would wipe that sanctimonious smirk of his face when he talks about "Public Education".

Unfortunatly,the alternative is a change to erase all religous funding, but would inevitably lead to intrusion into Federalist territory and Constitutional issues on French and English( or prior Roman Catholicism and Protestantism).The idea was doomed from the start for Tory.All he left out was discussing Faith based funding while championing buying alcohol at corner stores for a real firestorm of a debate.

Keep Education education and leave Faith to the Parents,Religious institutions etc.

All Tory had to do was keep his yapper shut and let McGuinty stand on his broken record and his ethnic slush fund.

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