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By Yup-per (anonymous) | Posted October 06, 2007 at 21:58:05

Why is it nobody ever mentions Newfoundland, Labrador, & (I think?) Nova Scotia who stopped funding Catholic schools altogether? (In some of the most Catholic places in Canada)

I don't recall that they had to tweak the Feds coat tails to do that, or turn back the clock to pre-Confederation times.

Most of the R.C. people that I have talked to, (yeah even the ones who go to Mass every Sunday) say that funding for Catholic schools beyond the elementary school level is absurd. Many also say that funding both systems at all is a waste of money. So who exactly is John Tory trying to be 'fair' to?

CBC Radio interviews & an article in today's Spec. confirm that the only people who want full funding are those that are currently involved in a religious school as a parent, or as part of the infrastructure of those schools. The rest of the parents in religious communities seem quite happy with things as they are.

For all religious schools to be on a 'Perfectly Equal' footing, would this not mean that we would add many more elected school boards & bureaucrats to our current 4? (Eng. Public, Fr. Public, Eng. Catholic, & Fr. Catholic)

Do we want to fund all religious schools beyond the elementary level? Again, if we want all religious schools to be 'Perfectly Equal', we must also fund all religious schools until the end of Gr. 12.

"Separate but Equal" Wasn't that how segregated schools were described in the U.S. South before integration?

Tiny Ireland seems to have found a way to fund all students with the interest & aptitude to go on to post secondary education. That seems absolutely Fair to me. Couldn't we put our education budget/tax dollars there & truly invest in the future of Ontario, instead of a lot of navel gazing about what is fair & equal?

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