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By Frank (registered) | Posted October 10, 2007 at 10:23:38

What exactly is wrong with the word Christmas? The only place it's actually celebrated as a "Christian" holiday is in Christian circles. Everywhere else it's secularized anyway. Trey you say your friends will appreciate the word Festivus...I say that they won't be bothered by the word Christmas either. It's usually the "PC Brigade" like Genghis was saying that shoot down the use of the word Christmas because they are afraid of being called bigoted. However, having said that, our country was founded largely on Christian principles, and whether you choose to be Christian or not, we fund Catholic schools based on tradition and their contributions to society, I submit that based on the achievements of the founding fathers of this country we should honour the same things they did even if it's in the small 'c' christian way. Of course, if someone chooses not to celebrate Christmas, you could always work the 25th and get paid your normal rate...not time and a half or double time and half... But of course, everyone likes the time off and the extra pay.

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