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By Frank (registered) | Posted October 10, 2007 at 10:33:05

Our country, being multicultural, is way to interested in pandering to special interest groups for fear of stirring the pot. When a person immigrates to Canada they're becoming a Canadian citizen. Rather than trying to get society to wrap themselves around them, they should be integrating into society. I like to think of society as one of those mosaic things that you make with broken pieces of pottery that are all different colours and shapes... When you add a piece, you're adding more colour and perhaps making the artwork look better (or worse) but the art piece isn't that single piece that's been added, it's the collection of pieces that make the impact. In the same way, one group should never be clamouring for more recognition than the others because it's the collection of the various groups that define us as Canadians.

As a sidebar, if the downtown manger scene or the words Merry Christmas offend you, you could always stay home and close the curtains.

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