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By Genghis (anonymous) | Posted October 10, 2007 at 16:19:09

DM will only fly in if it is an opportunistic photo Op at Caledonia( expect once it is settled, him and his Lieberal ministers to weasel thier way onto the Podium out of the shadows with the Federal Minister for a full round of applause from the residents)

Dalton should do what he is voted to do.
Have the Police enforce the laws or re write so they can.If the Police cannot act because of upsetting thugs, then write new laws to enable them to stop illegal activity

Its quite simple once you stop cowering at every inch of resistance from protesters.

1) Stop all development
2) Remove all Natives and Residents from 500 yards of the area in which to atagonize each other.
3)If they dont, arrest them.repeat jail and fine as required until it sinks in.
4)The Police..... stop being such pussies too afraid to upset thugs and do your job.

Have Provincial Minister contact Fed minister for solution.End of.(Fish or Cut Bait)

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