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By grok (registered) | Posted July 07, 2019 at 18:06:21

HamOnt mayor Weisenheimer(sic) & Crew -- always the tools of Neoliberal property developers and speculators (aren't they all) -- are clearly, transparently and systematically attempting the usual 'carrot-vs-stick' ploy of Fake 'consultation', alongside all the usual threat and menace of police-state violence and repression: in order to, of course, tame and neutralize all REAL attempts at addressing critical fundamental issues which concern masses of people, by faking concern and action over said issues, one more time, etc, yadda, ad nauseam. It couldn't be more obvious and in-your-face. Such is Late Capitalist, Neoliberal, bourgeois 'Democracy', in action.

So please don't anyone be fooled by this well-understood and well-dokumented method of 'triangulation' and co-optation, as practiced here in this particular instance. The Hamilton capitalist Establishment should not be able to (yet again) finesse their way out of what is the responsibility of all city governments towards those they claim to represent. Which they seldom, meaningfully do. The recent history of Hamilton, these past decades simply PROVES this fact, to all who wish to see.

Don't anyone believe the hype -- and don't settle for anything less than full victory over these vested corporate ruling-class capitalist interests. Our power DOES lie in the streets of Steel City and amongst ourselves. Any State-sanctioned assault on the Human, Civil, Constitutional and legal Rights of anyone IS absolutely an assault on the rights of everyone.

Hamilton City Hall should indeed become the focus of a REAL "Gilets Jaunes' (Yellow Vests) showdown with 'Authority' EVERY Saturday (at this point in time). See U all there. 10h30-14h00 (10:30AM-2:00PM). Let's give them a long, hot summer to remember, eh?

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