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By grok (registered) | Posted July 30, 2019 at 13:22:27

This technical essay (amongst other assumptions) not only assumes an 'inclusive' 'We', which can only be the reflection of unsupported assertions of bourgeois class hegemony over the working-class and all the rest of us; it also clearly and obviously (and blithely) assumes the very Capitalist order itself: as 'The Solution' to the VERY problems which this criminal, exploitative order has itself created, no less. A World order of exploitation and mass-murder which remains clearly in a deepening World crisis -- out of which many of us do NOT expect it to recover, in fact.

The COUNTER assertion to the assumed assertions in this article, is this: that the ACTUAL solution to ALL the burgeoning crises of Capitalism..?? Remains SOCIALISM. Pure and simple. Because 'We' MUST get rid of 'The Profit Motive'/'The Free Market' as the basis of all social decision-making, in order to achieve ANY meaningful social goals. THAT should be quite obvious to any honest Human being, by now.

And so: you don't sweat the details. YOU GO FOR SOCIALISM. ALL the rest follows. ALL of it.

Only the self-absorbed middle-classes care only about any low-hanging, sweet fruit, which can benefit primarily only THEM.

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