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By Rusty (registered) - website | Posted October 19, 2007 at 09:45:55


I just read your comments now. I'll ignore the personal remarks (really - 'assinine'? Come on Frankey, let's save these remarks for when we REALLY piss each other off OK? I assure you I don't have an assinine bone in my body :) I have always taken a studious, open-minded and thoughtful approach to city planning issues, and if we can't have this discussion in a civil manner and focus on the arguments alone then it ain't going to get anywhere).

OK, I guess I didn't ignore the personal attacks...well there you go. I guess I really did get pissed off (I've never been called assinine before :) )

As for your arguments, I got to get back to work now, but - I'll be back! Ben

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