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By Frank (registered) | Posted October 19, 2007 at 09:56:22

Rusty... once again....what's going on downtown? The first area that should be developed into high density housing should be downtown and it spreads out from there. There's a good level of intensification downtown but it definately could use improvement and then there's the "core" on the mountain around U. James that has what, an apartment every block? Hardly time to look at housing on the outside. Of course, the sticky issue is that people who are moving in there should be moving into the intensified areas downtown...but who'd want to live downtown if you can't walk anywhere without getting run over because our downtown roads are getting used as expressways? Losani and DeSantis are always going to stick with whatever is best for them and the onus is on DiAnni for accepting the money, not them for being smart or shrewd businessmen. Do we even have a company in Hamilton that specializes in building apartment buildings? Our existing apartments are turning into dives because the companies that own them don't care (they're offices are usually located in TO) and badly in need of upgrading. Not to mention, they are so inefficient that they're bleeding money into the wild blue yonder. Why is nothing being done about that? I have copied articles about recladding existing buildings to make them look nicer and more energy efficient to Effort Trust but haven't seen anything done about it. I still have single pane windows in my apartment, my heat is controlled by some lacky in TO who thinks it's gotta be 27 in my apartment in the winter... How can we argue when people want to live in their own place? If I had the option, I'd be living in a house as well. Of course, I'm not a fan of the newer developments because I don't like cookie cutter houses and roads designed by drunk urban planners but if my choices are to live in a building with crumbling amenities or live in a house I'd choose the house anyday. There's nothing like spending money that goes directly into someone else's pocket to make you realize that perhaps it's not all it's cracked up to be.

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