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By Rusty (registered) - website | Posted October 19, 2007 at 10:30:00

Yes, yes, I got to work too...:)

One, or two quick points...

I may not have articulated my driving point properly (this is a blog after all - spelling mistakes and everything...) What I was saying is that I am a taxpayer who likes, and wants, to travel by foot, bike and streetcar (clean, efficienct, above ground transit). But yet so much of my tax dollars are spent to benefit folks who want to drive. And so much city planning is done in a way that makes it essential to drive. In effect it is harder and harder for folks like me to have a good quality of life in any city, because of the way it's being built.

I'm not making decisions for other folks who may like to drive, I'm just saying that transit investments should reflect the desires of all tax payers and should take into account the environmental and social costs too.

As for RHCX well, yes, I'm not as close to this as you but my opposition is not just on principal as you suggest (I think that's what you are suggesting). And I'm not just complaining because I can. I DO think there is such a thing as a 'good road'. But the fact is, wrt RHCX, there are other brownfield sites available for industrial park development (Burlington has lots of open land along it, as does the QEW) and there have been many other solutions proposed for easing Centennial congestion.

As for your wish to cross Centennial safely in the near future - good luck! Experience shows that more roads = more cars so, while you may have a couple of years of happy crossings I doubt it will last long.

Talk more soon...!

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