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By Frank (registered) | Posted October 19, 2007 at 11:27:58

The 'for now' ends when the expressway has reached capacity which will most likely be relatively quickly. By capacity I mean moving but more would make traffic jams. Also, I do defend transit and more pedestrian or cyclist projects.

The problem is that the Province kicked in money for this and they are much more hesitant to do so when it comes to transit...unless of course you live in Toronto which has disproportionate representation in provincial parliament compared to Hamilton (but that's another issue) I've been to Brampton and I try to stay away... But Brampton was designed completely differently as well. They don't have options like we do.

Oh and my defense of the Expressway extends to this: if less traffic is on Hwy 20, more people will walk and bike it. It's the only access to the Waterfront that we have and I can never use it unless I want to jeopardize my own safety. Transit doesn't even service the area adequately! Not to mention that it's function is an arterial road, not a highway. (If you have any questions about the road classifications, I'll pull out my Highway design manual and put them here.)

The province is just now waking up and talking about potentially possibly maybe funding an LRT system like the Mayor is proposing... I can't wait til that's built.

Traffic is almost like a living organism. If you block it somewhere it goes somewhere else. It rarely least for now. So we've given it a place to go for the next 20 to 30 years until our transit infrustructure is built and the traffic level has died down. Even then, comparing the RHCE to the 400 or 410 is not even fair. You'll see once you drive it. It's actually very well done.

The LRT system will most likely take something like 5 years to build, the transit system we have needs to be completely revamped, we are still, for some reason, putting in road cross sections that don't include boulevards, sidewalks and bikeways... It's true, the mentality needs to change but it won't...not for the foreseeable future.

Thank goodness the Peninsula highway thingy didn't get approved yet. Now THAT would be a waste. We now have the places to push traffic when we start to change the core... Building a highway like that would've been reminiscent of building the 400 and 410...

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