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By Frank (registered) | Posted October 19, 2007 at 11:37:05

Ha ha, Peter...very funny. Ever been to Algonquin? I've been camping there for about 20 years now... Not even anywhere close to a comparison.

A stinky polluted fishless creek in an area where people didn't like to visit (because of the stinky creek), sewage being dumped into the lake, traffic congestion adding to our smog problems, all being address here. Algonquin has no congestion, it's a provincial park in the middle of nowhere. The town around it are smaller than Flamborough.... Give me a break!

And... all your precious trees will be fact there will be more of them for you to hug! And you can go fishing after your hugging excursion! Previously, you could've hugged a tree, taken a swim in a smelly creek and grown another arm, then jog home coughing as you breathe the exhaust fumes... Perhaps you would much rather that? How many times did you walk through the Red Hill Valley before the project started? It's still there! Take a look! It smells better, looks better and is much cleaner!

You can drink the water in the creeks and lakes in Algonquin.... I challenge you to drink Lake Ontario water...let alone the water that was in the Creek previously.

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