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By grok (registered) | Posted April 14, 2020 at 15:44:33

People often wring their hands about the Reichwing as if its power somehow grows without bounds, these days. However, that is a formulation coming out of the specious reasoning of the very chattering classes which themselves already pledge total fealty to the established Neoliberal order.

Instead -- as any serious revolutionary understands: what we ARE witnessing, these past 4 decades of Neoliberal classwar assault on Humanity, is the CLASS POLARIZATION of bourgeois society. And so, while the Reichwing does indeed 'consolidate power' by continuing to seize the reins of governmental power all over the Planet -- those reins of power ARE being seen as increasingly IRRELEVANT by the working-class, and proletarianized petit-bourgeois service workers and other allies. Which is WHY the Reichwing continues to 'win elections'.

Who cares about giving 'our' Fake Democracy yet more undeserved credibility..? Socialist revolution is called for. Bottom line.

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