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By Councilwatch (anonymous) | Posted October 25, 2007 at 04:07:44

People who speak out are usually the one who have convictions and fight to maintain them. There was a time in Hamilton when the Steelworkers newspaper Steel Shots was edited by a man called Harvey Greenwood who took on issues that the Spectator just pussyfooted around. I canstill recall the full editoial he did on the proposed Doctors Fee for service, it caused the wrath of the Hamilton Medical Association and even its National body. I wrote for a CUPE paper at the time and I reprinted it under the heading "The New Tommy Douglas" and soon I was reading Greenwood's story in every union newspaper in Canada and the US. He wrote the good and the bad about unions and soon his union framed him and he wsa dumped. Does anyone know what happened to him, he must now be in his late seventies or eighties.

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