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By jason (registered) | Posted October 26, 2007 at 09:49:20

quite the conversation here people.

A few quick thoughts from me: - lands on top of Red Hill were supposed to be industrial. So far I see 10,000 homes being built and not one industrial plant. residential sprawl is a financial drain on the economy, not a blessing. - i have a tough time spending half a billion dollars of Hamilton taxmoney just to save 8 minutes on someone's trip to Toronto to spend money there. - even if this so-called business park can be successful (I don't consider slaughterhouses to be a great success for our city) the segment of the population that can actually get a job there is very specific - those with cars. nobody else will be able to land a job at a 'business park' in the outskirts of town.
- zoning is still all screwed up. homes over here. big boxes over there. theoretical jobs over there. all connected by soon-to-be congested roads and highways. nobody can walk, cycle or use transit to navigate this new part of town. then, in 5 years all the residents will be crying foul and blaming the city when they're sitting in massive traffic jams on their precious highways. it's a downward spiral that never ends, and never makes enough money to sustain itself. So what happens? my downtown taxes continue to go up so I can subsidize the folks living out there. the whole thing is a mess.

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