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By Ted Mitchell (registered) | Posted None at

I remain undecided whether this proposal is a net positive or negative addition for Hamilton since there have been no useful facts presented in the media. It would have been nice to see some of that here and from Trevor, since the local large media refuse to inform their audience while rhetoric rules. What do the Burlington plant's neighbours think? Has anyone asked? Is that not a relevant question? How many net local jobs will be added and at what average wage? From what I heard on a recent CBC radio interview, meat processors have experienced a forced drastic drop in relative wages over the last several decades. What do you think the trend will be in future? Can someone convert the big numbers thrown about into something useful like dollars saved per average taxpayer? Ok, so I'm being too harsh on my colleagues, but you have to ask yourself why these obvious questions have not been addressed by the "real" media with a whole lot more resources than this crew. I suggest that the answer is that the said "real" media has an interest in keeping the public ignorant when it suits them. That kind of manipulation makes bias look desireable. This is but one small example of that. Look for more, they'll be back.

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