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By Adriano (anonymous) | Posted November 02, 2007 at 16:48:30

RE: Economic View
I have both a bachelor degree in Economics and Computer Science, and I must say there are major flaws in our argument. The Red Hill Expressway opens up the Hamilton Mountain to prospective residents, which in-turn HELPS HAMILTON, not hurt it. Hamilton needs higher taxed properties and higher income families to support Canada's highest population of people on social assistance. How does this expansion help you ask? Hamilton homes situated below the mountain have a median cost of $120 - $135 thousand dollars. The property tax pulled in by these homes are marginal at best, leaving major gaps in Hamilton's present and future income. Morever the business area, or lack there-of, in Hamilton's downtown has numerous vacant spots wherein no business taxation is beeing generated. HUGE losses. The Red Hill Expressway provides path for a commuter, such as myself an IT professional who works in the inner city Toronto, the option of purchasing one of the homes in the projected $1 billion dollar development which the Red Hill Expressway connects to the QEW. Also for those professionals that fly alot, a local airport is a blessing. That beeing said, business professionals WILL move in as the initial cost, convienence, and property tax it offers is unbeatable to anything in or around the GTA presently. With the population influx comes huge revenue in tax dollars for Hamilton coupled with higher income families which inturn equates to higher spending families. This places the demand and need for more business resources local to their residency. BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES, wherein Hamilton can collect their much needed Business Taxations. These new found revenues provide Hamilton with the opportunity to spend the previous lacking tax dollars on re-structoring the downtown area to meet the new business demands. As for the thoery that the Information Systems, and Biotechnology demands in the area are dying fields; that's proposterous. They are both the leading area's of growth for not only every major urban area in the Northern America's; but also globally. Hamilton needs to stop taking corrective action, and start making proactive planning, and the Red Hill Expressway is definetely a step in the right direction.

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