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By Synopdsis of crimes committed by the Mul (anonymous) | Posted November 09, 2007 at 02:02:30

I am posting a synopsis of the crimes committed on me by the Mulroney Government.


My case is simple, similar to Arar’s but with recorded evidence popping up in every place. I was tortured in Cameroon in a different manner than the torture of Arar in Syria, but who can tell which one was the cruelest and most damaging?

ITEM 1.- In Cameroon. The political appointee Ambassador– during the coup d’etat in 1985 – refused to let me take shelter in the Embassy (Canadian territory) by denying my citizenship rights, calling me a damned, stupid immigrant. My wife – a Spaniard Canadian received assistance as a Canadian citizen. That Ambassador was a chum of Mulroney, not a career diplomat.

ITEM 2.- I was detained by the Army of Cameroon that took control of the country during the coup d’etat. The Embassy refused to help me in any manner. I remained placed for about 5 days, in a sort of cattle compound. There was a rustic roof of palm branches covering a ground divided by barb wire. Snakes and other animals could roam among the detainees and we had not hygienic facilities and we had to release ourselves in the ground, which was filthy and stinky, what prevented us to rest or to sleep. Cameroonian colleagues, professors of the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Yaoundé, obtained my release at National Security proving that I was a Canadian Citizen, not a French member of the Secret Services of France who had bribed the republican guard (protectors of President Paul Biya) to assassinate him. I was free under their recognition, but the confiscation of all my belongings, including my contract with the Government of Cameroon as a permanent professor of Engineering was not lifted. I remained in Cameroon nearly three years prevented to work in Cameroonian engineering or construction firms as well as Canadian Engineering firms because I was marked by the refusal of the chum of Mulroney to recognize me as a Canadian Citizen, although my passport was enough to prove him wrong. I survived thanks to the family of my concubine until my son in 1988 send me the tickets to return to Canada. I obtained the exit visa thank to my lover who bribed appropriate officers to have my passport stamped with that visa. These events are well recorded in the Consular Services log.

ITEM 3.- Back in Canada I took my time to recover from the stress and depression. I only started to write protest letter to the Secretariat of Mulroney against the political appointee that was Ambassador in Cameroon sometime in 1990. I received a terse reply from Mulroney’s first secretary refusing my grievances and exhorting me not to write anymore to that Office. I persisted frustrated, indignant and with offensive language to soon find out that a policeman from CSIS was visiting my friends and business contacts, warning them that I was a derailed individual that was sending letters to Mulroney menacing to kill him. The employer of my son was visited by this CSIS cop to warn him that my son could be my accomplice. Fortunately, his employer knew me and my son and respected both of us. The defamer went to Social Services and – apparently – transferred a message from the first secretary of Mulroney to ensure that all supplements based on lack of income should be suppressed to me. There is no record of this action of the cop but friendly civil servants let me guess about his visits to the Superintended of Human Resources and Social Services in Moncton. The result of this action was that the supplements were retained since 1990 until 1995 and from then on, until 2006, when an honest, low graded civil servant noticed this omission in my Old Age Pension. This correction of my pension was withdrawn two months later by Mr. John Rath-Wilson, Director General of HR and SS but had to restore it again when I protested to Minister Solberg, with copy to notable politicians in the Opposition. In 1993, at a date that I do not remember, I was detained by the cop, and went to prison. There were two or three appearances in court where the prosecutor was stating that I was mentally derailed and had to be evaluated by psychiatrists to assess if I could be tried for menacing to kill Mulroney. When declared capable to sustain trial the Judge had me signing a peace bond and ordered me to surrender to the psychiatric ward of the Moncton hospital, where a Nigerian doctor named Alatechi, tormented me with the assistance of a male nurse.

ITEM 4.- The perjurer CSIS cop defamed me in the Association of Professional Engineers of NB. This led to my blacklisting and incapacity to earn my living in my profession. On 2001 I managed to get a job with BBM and later with Minacs, until 2006, when I retired. Because of the recent admission of Mulroney to have declared to the Revenue Office the $300,000.00 bribe of Shriver, I intend to publish several articles in controversial magazines such as FRANK, with which I’ll negotiate an ongoing contract. Will publish a tell-all, whistleblower book and sue the government of Canada for damages. The law suit will be started the day Harper calls the next election. As soon as Frank publishes my first article I will retain an agent to obtain interviews in the CBC and the CTV to hammer at Mulroney’s corruption.

The articles in FRANK could be written in collaboration with one of the senior journalists there. It is time to strike back at Mulroney vulnerability and I have the education, the evidence and the guts to spread his dirt all over Harper’s electoral efforts to conquer power in 2008.

Jorge Torrealba, B. Math, B. Sc, Civil Eng, Diploma on Executive Management,
Retired Civil Engineer,
23-5236 South St.
Halifax NS B3J 1A4.

cc: To my agent, who will contact magazines, publishers, Canadian TV chains and will contract a lawyer. Upon the advise of my agent, copies of this planning may be sent to Minister Solberg, as an accomplice of the robber John Rath-Wilson, Pensions Department, and to the Commissioner Elliott, who is well aware like many Opposition MPs, about the facts I am presenting in this synopsis. I expect the lawyer will prepare criminal charges against the robber, Rath-Wilson and the defamer-perjurer, CSIS cop. Min. Solberg and Commissioner Elliott will have to distance themselves from Rath-Wilson and the CSIS defamer-perjurer cop who will prove to be one of the perjurers that fabricated lies against Arar, and knowingly, sent Arar to be tortured by Syria. I know by experience that this criminal cop enjoys abusing Canadians, particularly if these Canadians are new Canadians. I became Canadian Citizen in 1962, to become the target of bigots like the so-called Ambassador and this police-agent of Prime Ministers.

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