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By Genghis (anonymous) | Posted November 10, 2007 at 09:58:13


You are looking for a system that is not Democratic..believe me..democracy is overrated, but as Churchill said (para)compared to the alternatives, its the best.
Dont underestimated what I said before.People DO get the government they DESERVE.

Politicians have no choice but to pander to powerful interest, either a Business Lobby, Environmental Group,Ethnic group,..basically whomever hold the power to remove them.

Take taxes.Governments do not get elected to increase taxes on the people even if that tax goes to a common good or to help a cause.We are still way to immature as a people to handle REAL Democracy.IF real Democracy took place a politician could raise taxes by 30% to "eliminate" poverty and the people would vote for them for the common good.As a result, the people are lied to(as Dion is now again doing).They must be lied to in order to give them what they want then not deliver and blame the previous government.An end to Poverty with no tax increase..which obviously cant be done.

Even the Liberal governments at all 3 levels who deceptivly campain on the left then govern on the right are getting found out.They are getting squeezed by the Right and the true left NDP.Dion is now promising to eliminate poverty in his party which has been in power for half my life, yet managers to blame the Harper government in minority power for 18 months for poverty.If the people vote the Liberals back in they deserve it.

Sometimes I think it is better to live in a more authoritarion society like Singapore where I stayed for a while... or be run by a "Philosopher King".

People get the Governmnet..and the results they deserve.Dont blame politicians for pandering to whomever gets them elected and does thir bidding.Thats how democracy works.

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