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By To Yatzee (anonymous) | Posted November 10, 2007 at 16:13:10

HIs comment is worthy of the intelligence of Canadians. We all wish for a political party that will present serious programs of social development "accompanied by a plan of implementation" by Parliament, with commitments of resigning if such implementation is betrayed.

Governments in Democracy are managers of progress, mainly social progress of all the citizens, like in Venezuela today. The fascist regime of Washington has wasted about half acentury to assault the people of Cuba just because of its fear that democracy, social democracy, could be contagious in the region. Well, the Corporate fascism of Washington has failed: Venezuela, Bolivia, Nicaragua and Ecuador are now irrevocable masters of their lands because they have defeated the cororate oligarchy in their nations.

Now in Canada Dion, our only hope of a serious government has capitulated and is in coalision with Harper to continue giving Canadians a rotten government.

Permanlink understand this new betrayal of Canada. Congratulations.


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