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By Practical (anonymous) | Posted November 11, 2007 at 08:23:06

My Point was ....there are 100's of products being produced now that have or may have an impact on humans and animals...some of which are necessary in this day and age...

If you actually follow the science of this topic...the jury is out on it's affects....for every study indicating the products safety...there is another indicating it's ill effects...

It seems to me that the largest user of these products is the agricultural community....but every by-law in every city in Canada...has exempted Fariming or Agriculture from those Provincial legislation cannot be over ridden by a municipal by-law....

If a provincial ban was to occur in Ontario....I'm sure Agriculatue will get a "free Pass' as the fod osurce has to be protected to feed the masses.....being Practical.....I understand the crop yield would not sustain the masses if all farming and agriculture were banned from using Pesticides or Herbicides....

This by -law will have a positive effect in EDUCATING homwowners and in fact limit them from unecessary use of these products....there by REDUCING the the amount used ....thereby....REDUCING the potential negative effects...

Again I disagree with the oringional comments....about the By-law PROVING TO BE WORTHLESS

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