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By Frank (registered) | Posted November 12, 2007 at 15:00:01 change? Separate stores in separate buildings is useful in Ancaster. The demographic that uses Centre mall will most definitely not see any advantage to having to walk between stores while exposed to the elements - in fact, they'll probably stop using it. It's a poor use of land. Street presence? at the cost of what? Why not pull an Eaton Centre only better? Build a mall that's attractive architecturally but instead of making a bland brick wall in front, put some nice shopfronts and a covered walkway. Allow parking at the rear in a parking structure whether above or below ground. Have a centre common "aisle" if you will for small vendors and booths, and then stores on the other side with frontage facing inwards and access through a rear main entrance like the mall at U. James and Fennell. This type of facility would promote the use of the sidewalk and public transit rather than driving in cars and allow the mall to maintain it's community feel.

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