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By Genghis (anonymous) | Posted November 13, 2007 at 17:59:21

Sorry Ted;

It makes pefect sense because it IS reality.The alternative State government systems that tried to bring it down the West economies failed miserably.

In the former Soviet Union"Government" tried to create an economy of the State..Disaster.tried to keep up dollar for dollar in military spending with no supply side economics and went bust.

In the West"Business" created an economy out of Capital and personal ownership of assets.As a result both had poor and poverty.In the East the entire nations were bankrupt and poor.The reality is the West Business model succeeded where the governments failed.

The Communist states designed to keep all equal had poverty 100 times worse than any Western nation.After the false mask was lifted in Romania, Bulgaria or any Eastern block it was horrible.

Look at Zimbabwe in more modern socio economic policies.Farms are run by White Farmers in a free market, but controlled environment.Zimbabwe was a net exporter of goods.Mugabe takes the farms away from industrial farmers employing poor people( but ultimatly giving them a living) and gives it to the poor to farm.Result= hyperinflation,mass refugees fleeing to neighboring countries,starvation.Yup. Governments certainly solve poverty dont they?Tell me again who doesnt understand how crap falls to the laps of the poor.. and makes them even poorer?

I am not saying free markets are ultimatly humane,or even the best but they do not bullshit the was the leftists do.

I am also not ultimatly defending how good free markets are.. I am saying how bad the Communist/Leftist states are and still are compared to the West

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