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By trey (registered) | Posted November 14, 2007 at 10:55:35

Show one example where this by-law did any educating.

The city's own staff who answer 546-CITY isn't even aware of the anti-idling and sign by-laws. In fact Municipal Enforcement doesn't know how to act to a by-law that is 'complaint based enforced'. That is, they will act ONLY when a complaint/call is made from a citizen. Just try and call 546-CITY, ask for Municipal Enforcement and make a complaint about a Mobile Sign that has been up for more than 90 days, or tell them a car has been idling for more than 3 minutes outside a school or tell them your neighbour's lawn has just been sprayed by Weedman..... nothing will happen... the city is a joke the by-law is a joke. it's nothing but lip service.

The school administration also had no idea when called about this that there was a by-law. Which there isn't really because public parks are exempt..... useless

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