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By Carlos (anonymous) | Posted November 15, 2007 at 20:28:36

The government should step in and not allow these bums to hold us hostage. People rely on the HSR to feed their families. The disabled and sick require frequent visits to seek medical intervention. Many are on fixed incomes and cannot afford taxis. The service should be given the same respect given to the Police, fire, ems and medical professions and classified as a mandatory and essential service. Citizens of Hamilton remember the last strike and how it affected us financially , mentally and physically. In the end these over paid thankless bums will continue to provide the same crappy and at times unsafe service. Many lack people skills and at times put us the paying customers at risk

It has become very evident that you folks are still bent on disrupting the lives of the very people who pay your salaries. Well be forewarn that we the paying ridership will not be held hostage this time round. In fact expect lawsuits for lost earning and God forbid someone becomes gravely ill or looses their life due to difficulties in getting to important medical appointments for treatments. You people will also loose money and will never recoup what you will loose. Once the lawsuits are file the HSR will be brought to it's knees and you will have no choice but to begin laying staff and drivers off. Rest assure that these events will happen. I personally know people jumping at the bit to suit your pants off if only to prove an ethical point and in the process perhaps set a legal precedent for other ontario municipalities.
The decision to stike is now court
Choose wisely

Carlos, a very disappointed and faithful rider.

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