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By Not happy with the city (anonymous) | Posted November 15, 2007 at 22:49:06

I've already left phone messages with my councillor and with the mayor. Until and unless there is a strike this may be the best we can do, but if there is one it may be up to us to really make city council and others take notice.

I think I may have enough flexibility in my job to do some of it from home, and for the rest, well I can't afford to take a cab to teach (and my students can't afford to take one to get to class) so instead of going to work and class myself I'll have some free time to make sure it's known that this is affecting my life. I guess I'm not exactly going on strike, but in many ways going to work/school would be crossing a picket line and I'd rather not do that.

In fact, I'd much rather make sure one gets set up outside city hall, and Main and King streets too - if I can't get to work/school people who can afford to drive need to know this is a problem too. I'd suggest pickets at other major employers too, if you happen to live close to say Mac, Mohawk or Limeridge. The Spec got something right when they said this is going to affect the poor and students most; fortunately I think we can make sure the poor and students aren't the only ones affected AND support bus driver's seemingly reasonable demands.

Further, between the fare increase (the goal of which is reduce costs by REDUCING riders) and the hard times I've had trying to use the bus on a day to day basis (never on schedule, etc), and now this, I'm really considering leaving the city when I'm done school. A year ago I wanted to stay and really thought Hamilton could be made into a livable city, but then again I didn't think council was going to actively work to make living downtown impossible.

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