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By g. (anonymous) | Posted November 16, 2007 at 00:05:47

we need to start pushing the idea of the entirety of the transit system as infrastructure, that is the buses, the drivers, the "soft" elements of the system, thus in the same category as roads and sewers. if we can do this we can eliminate this whole arguement that putting money towards transit is subsidizing transit users while building and maintaining roads is creating infrastructure and jobs. where do the ancaster and waterdown people think everyone travels to on the bus, tha park? transit creates and facilitates jobs just as roads do. it really boils down to a class issue. in a city with as low density as hamilton the wealthier people have no reason to take transit other than environmental. from king and james, the financial centre of the city one can drive pretty much anywhere in the city at any time in around twenty minutes. try getting anywhere in twenty minutes in toronto from bay street! we need more density to make transit in hamitlon work better and for that one of the things we need to invest in better, say it after me kids, TRANSIT INFRASTRUCTURE! tell your councillor that building and maintaining roads on which buses don't travel is subsidizing car drivers just as much as people without bus service paying transit taxes is subsidizing transit users. that's the way society should work, we all put a little of what we have in and take a little of what we need out.

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