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By Ted Mitchell (registered) | Posted November 16, 2007 at 12:23:55

It would be instructive to search the articles and comments on this site for all entries that are superficial, i.e. lacking a substantive argument, "long on idealism and short on practicality".

At the top of the list will be Genghis.

I don't have a response on Zimbabwe because I am not informed of the situation and cannot imagine how it is relevant to a debate on Canadian democracy. It appears to be a poorly constructed straw man attempt. Can you point to where RTH contributors are advocating communism because I missed that completely.

Communism and free market capitalism meet in that they remove power and freedom from the masses, the first by many means, the second by economic slavery and subtle media thought control (which evidently works well on guys like Genghis) that has redefined the political spectrum to describe the center as the "extreme left" to better facilitate the trasfer of wealth from workers and taxpayers to massive multinationals.

The evidence for this is the indisputable growing wealth disparity that exists almost everywhere as a consequence of the last 40 years of aggressively pushing free market ideology. Canada, by sticking close to center, has weathered this better than most.

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