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By Genghis (anonymous) | Posted November 16, 2007 at 16:23:53

Thats better..

Zimbabwe.. fair enough that was meant to define extreme in the case of how the poor get dumped on.

"the trasfer of wealth from workers and taxpayers to massive multinationals."

Why oh why do we have do use these worn out slogans that mean ABSOLUTLY nothing.This stuff is right from daily Kos kids

Lets reverse your logic here and see if a benefit falls out..

A massive "multinational" EMPLOYS workers.
A Worker gets PAID by a "multinational"
A worker invests in the things he needs to live and enjoy his life within his means.A worker can also invest in those multinationals to recoup what he is""slaving for".

Now those at the "Poverty line" is where I think we both agree at least.Who is poor and who is not.I feel poor living in the GTA but I am not

Canada is not much different than in the US save :

Gun control

Canada has built up this image of not letting people fall through the safety net and into poverty on the world stage.We all know that is a dirty little secret.The Liberals have dominated the Federal goverment over the past 100 years and we still have the centre left Liberals like Dion "eradicating poverty" while it has steadily climbed.left of centre parties ALWAYS campaign from the left and inevitably govern from the right.Paul MArtin talked a good talk but his policies were Conservative in action.

Who has been taken in by subtle media thought control again?

Lets drop this topic for now.It is getting tiresome I think for both.

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