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Hey Adrian, Thanks for the suggestion mate; however, you are right on. Municipal politics is hard gig for sure. Despite my critisisms of the current council crew, I have never claimed their job is easy. I just wish they were able to acknowledge this more often, and work harder to understand some of the more complex issues, and learn from past mistakes. There is an 8-7 split in council right now. We just need to get a few more enlightened folks on the 7 side, and we'll start making progress. In reality, name recognition is a huge asset for a candidate, as is, of course - money. Personally I would run unless I had both of these in abundance. I think there is also the timing aspect to consider. I am still working through some goals in my current career. There is also the monetary aspect to consider. Municipal politics is not something I would choose to do for the money (and, worryingly, some do...). I would need to be financially quite secure to take it on. Thanks for your comments. Ben

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