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By Valleyman (anonymous) | Posted November 20, 2007 at 15:55:18

The road is built.

Do we then suddenly forget the debt, the pollution, the dangers to wildlife and even pedestrians (has anyone tried crossing any of the accesses now?) the effect the shift in business will affect existing industry, our local agriculture, current infrastructure,.....?

The press and many here seem to think a new road and all promises will be fulfilled. But that is all they are but the sacrifices are real, tangible and exessive.

I would never willingly do business with a Red Hill Proponent as they obviously cannot count or budget. they also have little true regard for community or sustainability and therefore unnessarilly risky to do business with.

But perhaps once the trucks roll onto the parkway and they are caught there as they are on every other roadway during rush hour, they will have the time to reflect. It obviously is not happeing now!

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